How can we improve well-being in Monmouthshire? Give us your ideas

Monmouthshire's Public Service Board has just published its draft Well-being Plan for the county. What do you think? We need your views. Let us know here, or go to the survey at

Posted by HazelClatworthy on the 23rd Nov 2017.

There are 4 themes:

1) Provide children and young people the best possible start in life

2) Respond to the challenges associated with demographic change

3) Protect and enhance the resilience of the natural environment whilst mitigating and adapting to the impact of climate change

4) Develop opportunities for communities and businesses to be part of an economically thriving and well-connected county

We need your feedback and ideas by 7th February 2018.   Thanks!

ChrisRobinson - The challenge of keeping more and more people independent in their own homes as they get older relies upon Monmouthsire attracting more carers to the County. There has to be much more joined-up working with the Health Board who in trying to achieve a similar solution are actually depleting the carers available to MCC & our providers (Health Board will pay more).

Therefore I maintain that until the 2 Public Bodies concerned start giving due consideration to their decisions with respect to their impacts, then there will be no sustainable solutions. So my idea is to improve the quality of the options presented for decisions and to improve the due consideration applied.


ChrisRobinson - There should be skype access points across the county that enable people to talk directly with the people they need to interact with within the Council.

It is well proven how effective the surgery model is for delivering support etc - it works well in urban settings but not in rural environments. Substitute with e-surgeries via skype


PamelaMason - I like all four themes and want particularly to comment on 1) Providing youngsters with the best start in life means ensuring that they get a good diet. I hope MCC will be able to look at the possibility of improved public procurement for school dinner plate. This is important for all children but in particular for those who come from low income households where there may also be reliance on food banks. Many of these youngsters will be entitled to free school meals and public procurement can be used to ensure that these meals are the healthiest they can be. More fresh local food could be in the mix. Thank you.


Friends of Chippenham Mead - The draft Well-Being Plan states that "linked to the 'natural environment and climate change objective', enabling children to be active and participate in play, particularly outside will be important. Access to green space has been identified as needing improvement and it may also require behaviour change (including adult behaviour) to support this".
I couldn't agree more. Could I suggest, though, that having one part-time 'Infrastructure Manager' responsible for all of Monmouthshire's playgrounds does not send out the right message, and is not going to result in play spaces which parents and carers recognise as sustainable or resilient? It might be more fruitful to engender a 'yes you can' attitude, so that parents can take more responsibility for play spaces, and people can feel more ownership of their public spaces.