How can we protect & enhance resilience of our natural environment whilst mitigating climate change?

Posted by OurMonmouthshire on the 09th Oct 2017.

OurMonmouthshire - In the future...people will be producing and buying renewable energy locally.


OurMonmouthshire - In the future.....people will be producing and buying food locally.


OurMonmouthshire - In the future.... organisations will be working in partnership to create regulation that is good for everyone and enforced.


OurMonmouthshire - In the future.... farming practices will have changed. For example: Farmers won't be ploughing, sheep won't be grazing in the uplands areas, farms will be part of a carbon credits scheme.


OurMonmouthshire - In the services, schools, businesses and communities will be maximising use of the natural environment to improve health and wellbeing. Social prescribing will be made easier for service providers?


OurMonmouthshire - In the future.... planning has changed to ensure that new developments have: electric car charging points, green spaces and facilities for community cohesion.

sustrans - Planning will consider people first and not planning for cars


sustrans - we will be able to buy goods from zero waste shops.


proffalken - Mockingbird Consulting ( are based in Monmouth and we're working on a number of environmental sensors that will feed data back to a central location for communities to access.

Our first sensor is in testing and measures temperature, humidity, air quality, and air pressure - we're going to create more sensors in the next couple of months including a river/flood level monitor, and once the sensors are proven then we'll be providing consultancy/training to organisations of all sizes and types on how to use the data for forecasting/analysis.

I know that this doesn't directly answer the question, but it may well provide datasets for people to do the analysis required in future to help with this issue.