Monmouthshire, UK

How can we help isolated and vulnerable people build networks & find solutions to issues they face?

Monmouthshire County Council have launched something called community coordination. A lot of older people end up dependent on statutory services but this is not always the best solution for them. We think there is a better way by helping people to access networks and support in their communities.

Posted by MonmouthshireCC on the 25th Sep 2014.

woolfinimo - Have you checked out the Casserole Club?


JamesO - Skype is available on TV's these days, accesible via TV remote - connecting to others like this can reduce a sense of isolation

andyfooley - reply


Matthew - I think that we should create partnerships with local schools


Dalevans - A web site that maps people interests and support needs to match people and groups


mariannepiper - Community Connections befriending scheme could be considered to provide a volunteer befriender for company and support.


davidat11 - why was the old age pensioners meeting place closed in abergavenny? Surely that should never have been closed?