St James St, Monmouth NP25 3DL, UK

Did you know we have a proposal for a better playground on Chippenham Mead? Read all about it...

Friends of Chippenham Mead have written a detailed document outlining the case for relocation - and we want everyone to know about it. Would you like to have a read? We'd love to know what people think. Please email us for a copy or check out our Facebook page where it is stored under 'files'.

Posted by friendsofchippy on the 10th Dec 2016.


Our proposal in a nutshell: within the same timescale and within the same budget of S106 as has been proposed for refurbishing the current playground, MCC could choose to relocate the playground closer to the town and away from the A40.

Relocation would bring major benefits to the children of Monmouth, as well as to the trading and tourist economy of the town.

We would be delighted to hear back from anyone with an opinion on this proposal - please get in touch:


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