Monmouth NP25, UK

Anyone interested in setting up a sensor network to track air quality etc. in near-realtime? - We need volunteers to help us build, maintain, place and run the network - no soldering/programming experience required!

Posted by proffalken on the 24th Nov 2016.

We are on a mission to build a global open crowdsourced Internet of Things data network.

Imagine being able to see the air quality from the traffic on the A449, or the river levels on the Wye or Monnow - We're working to make all this and more a posibility!

We're on a mission to improve the quality of data about our town.

We want everyone from the community to come together and help us build a network of information about Monmouth, whether you're building the sensors, writing the code that holds them all together or just letting us put one in your back garden, we'd love to get you involved!

gatehousem - Great idea. There's a group of people from public services across south east Wales that met for the first time last week to try and understand what it would take to develop a network of sensors across the city region. No better place to start than Monmouth. I'd be glad to link you into that group and we could try and understand what public services could do to help make this happen.

proffalken - Yes please, that would be awesome! :)


MonmouthshireCC - The local authority has an open data page in alpha. There's not much content on there yet. If there's any data we may hold that you'd like us to prioritise as an open data set just let us know. It's mainly at a higher geographic level than you're looking at but some of it may be of interest.

proffalken - Thanks, I'm in contact with a couple of your opendata folks via Cardiff ODI, it's looking great. I'd like to think that we can provide you with more granular data in future to enhance your own datasets if you're up for it? :)


woolfinimo - Can I suggest you guys talk to Bristol? I can introduce.

proffalken - Yes please, that would be great! I'm already in touch with Cardiff, so if you can introduce to Bristol then it's only Cheltenham left in the immediate area! ;)

proffalken - lol, I just reported your last comment instead of replying to it! - perhaps the reply button could be under the comment you want to reply to instead of the "idea"? Anyway, I've accepted your connection request, I'll email you shortly :) Matt