Who do we write to at the WAG for permission to move the playground on the village green?

I'm hoping to get guidance from the WAG on our plans to apply. BUT having no experience of writing to the Welsh Assembly Government, I'm in need of advice. If you know the person in charge of village green applications, their name and contact details, it might cut out a wild goose chase on my part.

Posted by Improve Monmouth Playground on the 11th May 2016.

OwenWilce - Have you been in touch with Tim Bradfield Recreation Officer at MCC 01633 644136 ? He should have the relevant contacts at Welsh Government. Owen

RachelJupp - Thanks Owen, good to make contact! That number takes me through to 'wasteland street services' (it sounded like). But I've got the number for Tim Bradfield. I'll give him a bell and report back

RachelJupp - Tim Bradfield: 01633 644541