Chippenham Playing Fields, Monmouth, Monmouth, Monmouthshire NP25, UK

I'd like to revive the 'Friends of Chippenham Mead' group in Monmouth. Will you join me?

Hi! I'm Rachel. I grew up in Monmouth and I moved back here nearly a year ago. I love my town and I really enjoy participating in it. One thing that seems sad to me, though, is the way people don't get to make the most out of our wonderful village green, Chippenham Mead, and I'd like to change that.

Posted by RachelJupp on the 22nd Apr 2016.

Kathryn - Hi Rachel. Great question! Do you have any photos of the village green you could add? Also, did you know that you can start a group here on Made Open? Simple click the arrow next to your profile / name and the "start a group" button will appear. Other will then be able to join your group. Good luck!

RachelJupp - Whoops! I didn't mean to report your second reply, just clicked on the wrong button. Thanks for your help and advice Kathryn. I'll add photos and make some improvements - watch this space...