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What do you think about Monmouthshire Voices expanding into Digital Inclusion?

Monmouthshire Voices is a project run by SEWREC. We have been working in Monmouthshire for two years empowering people with disabilities and older people to have say on the development and delivery of local services. We want to use digital inclusion to enhance this and want to know what you think?

Posted by MonmouthshireVoices on the 20th Nov 2015.

The idea is to further expand the Monmouthshire Voice project so that we can upskill people with digital technology to give them a bigger platform to have their say.

This will take the shape of delivering digital inclusion in villages and rural communities throughout Monmouthshire. As the use of digital media bcomes more and more prevalent, it is important that people can feel safe and secure as well as confident in using technologies. Increasingly, this is how organisations engage and consult with people.

We would like to ensure that no one is left behind and all people get to have a say about their services. So, initially, we would like your thoughts please. Is this something that would interest you? Do you know womeone who would be interested?

Please let us have your comments.


Kathryn - Are you planning to run digital training sessions at community venues? It would be great to see volunteers (perhaps younger web savvy types) giving up an hour of their time each week to teach others how to use useful apps and websites. Good luck!

MonmouthshireVoices - Hi Kathryn. Yes, the idea is to run sessions in community venues, especially rural communities, so we can reach those who are more disadvantaged. And, yes the plan is to use volunteers (young and older). It will extend the project so people can have their say from their own homes and learn to use the advantages of the internet. Thank you very much for your input.


EdO'Driscoll - Social Media surgeries might be a good idea?

MonmouthshireVoices - Thank you Ed. I have done surgeries in the past at Abergavenny library. They went down ever so well. Especially with the over 60s. Good idea to do more


Kathryn - I like the idea of a cup of IT and cake :-)


gatehousem - If local volunteers could help give people the skills and confidence to do more on-line it could improve connections and open-up far more opportunities for people. My young children use Skype and Facetime with their grandparents and great-grandparents - far more engaging than a phone call

MonmouthshireVoices - Absolutely. We already have our first volunteer from Gwent Police. She is attending a course with Age Cymru on didgital inclusion and has offered her service to the project. I have seen older people's faces when they first use Skype or send an changes people's lives.


MonmouthshireCC - There are some really good resources here that could be used by volunteers to help upskill people


gatehousem - What about running sessions with different themes like keeping in touch; on-line shopping and social media? Targeting things like this that people may feel their missing out on may be less intimidating that a course on 'digital skills'

MonmouthshireVoices - Great idea Matt. I'm finding there is plenty of scope for this in many different ways. One to One, Groups, Themes, Drop Ins, Community choice. Plenty to be getting on with


Albert - I'd like to suggest a website called "" which is specifically designed to make it easy for older people and their grandchildren to use social networking.


Albert - Can we encourage local council or local business to donate their used computers and laptops and refurbish them for digital training sessions? This can reduce some finance pressure if needed, however we can also give these to some participations who can't afford a computer with low income


MonmouthshireVoices - Good idea Albert. Will look into it