What can Monmouthshire GreenWeb do for you and what can you do for GreenWeb?

Monmouthshire GreenWeb needs your help! Monmouthshire GreenWeb is an online network of environmentally concerned organisations in Monmouthshire. www.monmouthshiregreenweb.co.uk

Posted by HazelClatworthy on the 21st Oct 2015.

Monmouthshire GreenWeb was inspired by the example of a similar project in Herefordshire.  A small committee was formed to take the project forward and GreenWeb was formally constituted as a voluntary organisation in 2001.

Since then our membership has grown to about 50 organisations and this web site has been improved. Our funding has shifted from grant dependency to income from services provided to others and from membership subscriptions, plus volunteer effort.

However, if GreenWeb is to continue we need to find new members to be involved and lead the network. Key longstanding members of the committee will be stepping down, providing the opportunity for people with energy and commitment to take on the leadership of the Monmouthshire network and introduce new ideas.

These are some of the positive aspects of continuing to value Monmouthshire GreenWeb

· There are opportunities for the network to continue to play a valuable role in sharing ideas and information in Monmouthshire and further afield through our website and through presence at a range of events

· There are a number of events coming up including the National Eisteddfod, Wye Valley River Festival next year, and the county shows where a county-wide network could bring together green groups to showcase some of the excellent work that is happening in Monmouthshire and enable gatherings of local green groups to share ideas and concerns

· Our website has been refreshed over the last 12 months and is regularly updated – there is value in keeping it going.

These are some of the challenges that face GreenWeb

· Lack of financial resources

· Finding people with the time and energy to put into reinvigorating the network

· Finding ways to make GreenWeb of greater relevance and value to its member groups.

Let us know if you have any ideas.  Or even more importantly, if you want to find out more or get involved, Sue Parkinson, GreenWeb's secretary would love to hear from you on 01989 770828 or sueparkinson@phonecoop.coop


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