Bridges Community Car Scheme

We are a local community transport scheme using volunteer drivers to help people from Monmouth and the surrounding areas to get out and about. We are asking for volunteers and financial donations so that we can continue to support isolated or vulnerable people who face barriers with transport.

Project started by Bridges on the 17th January 2018 .

Project has now ended

1 volunteers of target 6
£230.00 pledged of target £4000.00

How does the scheme work?

Most of our passengers are elderly and live alone, sometimes in isolated locations. Many have mobility and other health issues and for some , financial factors limit their capacity to get out and about. We charge 45p per mile which is reimbursed to the drivers to cover petrol costs and we charge a 50p booking fee for each trip to help towards  admin  costs. We are not a taxi service. We visit each passenger at home when they register for the scheme and then we carefully match them up with a driver. The drivers receive training to help them to understand and to assist them. This may range from checking that the passenger has remembered his/her keys to supporting them during difficult hospital appointments. We have also built up a good reputation with health and well being agencies and can take and make referrals when needed. 80% of journeys are almost equally split between medical appointments and social activities and the remainder  include  visits  to local businesses such as banks and hairdressers.We have found that the relatives and carers of our passengers also benefit from the scheme as they have peace of mind knowing that our drivers will take time and every care to ensure safety and comfort.


What are our objectives?

  • To enable local people to access and support local facilities such as shops and cafés
  • To  reduce social isolation by improving means of access to social activities and  visits to friends and families
  • To improve health and well-being by enabling people to attend medical appointments and by working closely with other support agencies
  • To support other transport services by providing a link service where appropriate.


How can you help us?


The scheme relies on volunteer drivers.We have 15 regular drivers but need 4 more to take people on ad hoc trips or to commit to a regular journey or time period each week. Most journeys require the driver to carry out local journeys but some – usually hospital trips – can be up to 22 miles each way for example. Drivers usually assist their passengers, door to door, to and from and sometimes during appointments.

We also need 2 more volunteer admin staff to take phone calls, arrange journeys and record it all on the coordinator’s log using excel spreadsheets. These tasks can be broken down to suit people’s preferences and experience.


We need £4000 to cover the cost of a part time paid coordinator from April 2017 to April 2019.This person trains and supports the volunteers and has responsibility for monitoring and developing the Car Scheme so that it continues to achieve its objectives (this includes accounts, systems of operating, publicity, collating information and liaising with other agencies). We would welcome donations from members of the public, support agencies and local businesses so that we can expand the service and help more people.

To make a donation, please click on the button on this crowdfunding page and pledge whatever you can. All donations (no matter how small) are gratefully received. Please note, your donations will not be taken until we reach our target of £4000.

What can we offer in return?

For those people who donate money or time, we can include company logos on our quarterly newsletter and other publicity leaflets. There are social events organised eg.afternoon tea for volunteers and other ‘friends’ of the Car Scheme. For more information, please contact us on 07557008743.



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