Stanhope St, Abergavenny NP7 7DH, UK

Parking Problems in Stanhope Street Abergavenny and nearby Traffic Problems.

When is something going to be done about the Parking Problem in Stanhope Street Abergavenny, also the bottle neck on Chapel Road between Cantref Road and Stanhope Street ?

Posted by davidat11 on the 21st Oct 2017.

There are constant problems for residents Parking in Stanhope Street. Sometimes it's impossible for traffic to pass through !

There is also a need for Traffic Lights on the Bottle Neck Between Cantref Road and Stanhope Street on the Chapel Road.

Would it not be possible to allocate ONE reserved Parking Space to each house ?

The Bottle Neck on Chapel Road is often the scene of altercation between angry motorists and Traffic Lights would solve the problem.



davidat11 - Please sign the Petition on the following link:


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