Gilwern, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire NP7 0ER, UK

Should we make sure that all schools in the area have safe walking and cycling routes to them?

In Gilwern some of the community do not even have a safe walking route to school and there is no safe cycle route unless you live adjacent to the park. As a result not many children walk or cycle to school. This is not good environmentally or for the children's health and wellbeing.

Posted by robsproc on the 12th Nov 2014.

Matthew - Do we know which routes are safer than others? An app like allows cyclists to record accidents and near misses. If used in Monmouthshire it could help us understand where the safer routes are and where action needs to be taken to improve accident blackspots.


Jude - We live less than a mile from my children's school - definitely walking or cycling distance - but my and my neighbours' children all get bussed to school because there is no safe walking route as there are no pavements, just country lanes. This is obviously an ongoing revenue cost for the council. If MCC put in a pavement and a reduced speed limit along the half mile of main road (a one off cost) they'd save themselves the ongoing cost of bussing half a dozen children to and from school, the children would be getting more exercise, there would be fewer vehicle journeys and the houses would be better connected to the village. Surely a win-win-win? I wonder how many other places in Monmouthshire are in a similar situation?