Monmouthshire, UK

How can we ensure that people have access to a range of cultural and leisure activities?

The personal satisfaction gained from leisure time and cultural opportunities is easily over-looked but underpins both individual and social health and wellbeing. We need to find ways to make these opportunities self-sustaining when there is less public sector funding for them.

Posted by MonmouthshireCC on the 01st Oct 2014.

RichardJones - Put services in one place, e.g use new school buildings


Matthew - Leisure Centres need to be run like a business e.g. generate revenue from coffee shops


Dalevans - Why cant Leisure Centres open later on weekends


Dalevans - why are we having community engagement sessions in the leisure centres when the schools empty


Rhian26 - Couldn't young people use the new football pitches in Caldicot when they are being unused when ther are no teams using it.


Dalevans - Why isn't the café open in the Leisure Centres?