Chepstow, Chepstow, Monmouthshire NP16 5PS, UK

New to the area, where can I fish for wild brown trout without it costing 'an arm and a leg'!

I'm looking for little stretches of wild river/stream fishing that does not cost too much - even better if I could meet up with someone 'in the know' and be shown where to go!

Posted by ChrisRobinson on the 29th Apr 2015.

I've been fishing for 60 yrs.  I just love wandering up/down a river or stream casting a fly in the hope of a wild brown trout.  But having to pay some of the huge daily charges one sees just takes the pleasure away.


Perfect solutions in the past have always come from 'someone who knows someone'!


I've just moved to Chepstow  and want to connect with either the first or second 'someone'


All suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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