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Micro Volunteering Day is Wed 15th April. How could we make an impact in Monmouthshire collectively?

Microvolunteering Day is a unique opportunity for volunteer involved organisations & individuals to join together in a synchronised effort to demonstrate the potential of the microvolunteering concept. What could we all do for 10minutes that would make a difference?? Working together as a community?

Posted by OwenWilce on the 13th Apr 2015.


Microvolunteering can be described as easy, no commitment actions that benefit worthy causes that can be completed generally in under 30 minutes. They can be conducted either online or offline and performed on the go, on demand and on a person’s own terms. The sheer flexibility of microvolunteering opportunities means they can be conducted at home, at the bus stop, the doctor’s waiting room - anywhere really!

With this successful movement sweeping across the world, is there development opportunities within Monmouthshire?

Ideas like have been successful with Micro Volunteers playing a game for 10 minutes that has social benefits and a feel good factor.

I look forward to your Ideas!

Many Thanks

Owen Wilce

A County That Serves - Volunteering Development in Monmouthshire


HelpFromHome - I was asked by Bristol City Council, as part of it's current City of Service project to come up with some microvolunteering actions that could be participated in by it's citizens and which could have the potential to benefit Bristol. Whilst the document makes reference to Bristol, most of the actions can actually be implemented in any town or city. Document can be downloaded for free here:


HelpFromHome - The initiative I run called has also prepared some free downloadable guide books that provides idea suggestions for creating microvolunteering actions aligned with various causes. There's several relevant ones to the question you're asking, including a guide on 'Improving Urban Life'. Guides can be freely downloaded from here:


HelpFromHome - I have also produced a highly popular guide for nonprofits / charities to actually create a microvolunteering action themselves, which might be useful to encourage worthy causes in your catchment area to inspire people to microvolunteer for them. This guide can be freely downloaded here:


HelpFromHome - Could community service clubs (Rotary etc), youth clubs, etc hold some Microvolunteering Meetups where a group of people microvolunteer together. More info here:


OwenWilce - Thank You very much for your input I have added Micro Volunteering to our Action Plan. I have now sent you my contact details via Twitter so we can link more effectively. Owen

HelpFromHome - Great news :) Don't seem to have received your contact details. If you do need to contact us, visit this page