How can we best use redevelopment of St Thomas' Hall to help tackle issues for Overmonnow Monmouth

We are planning the redevelopment of St Thomas' Hall, opposite St Thomas' Church to give better, sustainable facilities for the community. Larger main hall, meeting rooms, quiet/counselling/1-to-1 spaces. The Hall already serves some older people, parents and children but we could do more in future.

Posted by SJM52mon on the 16th Mar 2015.

Our community survey identified isolated older people, parents of young children and people facing financial difficulties as the top three issues for our area. We already have the evergreens Senior Citizens Group meeting at the Hall, the Tommy's tiddlers parent carer and toddler group, and use the hall as a base for some material help for people in housing need and other referrals. We hope to add a lunch club. 'coffee and comfort' drop-in and running a 'Money Course'. We would like to hear from groups and organisations that could use the hall for more activities or who wish to offer other suggestions and encouragement. We are also raising the funding for the redevelopment so money and/or capital fundraising ideas also welcome.



JillCole - There is a desperate need for a community hub in the Overmonnow area of Monmouth - maybe linking in with Bridges Community Centre to encourage some hard to reach groups and families who maybe find it difficult to access already established community resources. To build resilience, confidence and improve community wellbeing.

SJM52mon - We are currently redeveloping and extending St Thomas' Hall (just opposite the old Monnow Bridge) to provide a base for activities to tackle poverty, engage with hard to reach families and to build community resources/services. The building work should finish next May and we plan to re-open with services including parent, carer and toddler group, senior citizens club, listenind/advice, money course, job club, drop-in support and other activities. We'll have various rooms and garden available and would be pleased to discuss any ideas you have.